Top 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid As An Escort

“Escorting is easy money”; you may have thought so. If you had made the mistake of jumping into escorting with this approach, you would have gotten your reality checks soon. There are mistakes that almost every newbie escort makes and it’s highly probable that you would too. But luckily for you, we will spell out every single thing that you should avoid.

Not Being Good at Your Job

This is the utmost important thing that will decide your place and growth in the industry. You might think that you are good enough to be an escort and then not work on yourself but this is a wrong approach.

You need to constantly improve your skills and add something new and spicy to keep your client hooked. A similar routine will cost you your regular customers after a couple of times. You should always come to work in a good mood and an open mind so your client gets what they are paying for. You should try out new techniques and outfits and pamper the client.

Most importantly, you should never over-do yourself through looks in promotions that you cannot pull off in real life. To get the gist of what makes an escort stand out, you should check out reviews of incall escorts in Birmingham.

Not Thinking Enough About Safety

Never (and I repeat never) forget to make sure that your identity is protected, the client is safe and the place is secure. This is the ABC that every escort forgets in the rush of making money. You should never be working on your own because you are an escort, not a security expert.

To handle your safety, your best bet should be a reliable escort agency. You should always choose a nickname for yourself that will be used throughout your career as an escort. To converse with the clients via call or text messages, you should have a service that cannot be tracked down to your location.

The client’s identity should be confirmed and thoroughly checked which is usually best done by an agency. Your venue should feel secure and a close person should always have your location details.

Not Entertaining the Possibility of Scams

In their attempt to be nice, beginners in the industry don’t usually press the client for payments. But this is exactly what leads to a scam. You should always take payments beforehand and spell out this rule to each of your clients.

You should take money in the form of cash and not any other modes of payment that have the possibility of any delay. But even then the client can scam you through counterfeit money. Thus, you should always carry a banknote checker. As a thumb rule, you should stay six feet away from people who lure you with unusual incentives because those are usually scammers.

Ignoring Your Health

You should never get lost in your work to an extent that you forget about your health. You should set limits that you will abide by in all circumstances regardless of how tempting they get. If you are on a date, don’t get drunk. In the case of providing sexual services, you should set it out straight so that everything happens as per your standards of hygiene.

You should get your regular health checkups done. Never overwork yourself to a point that you are not left with enough energy for yourself. You should always be eating healthy and getting enough sleep so you can maintain long-lasting looks.

Getting Lost in the World of Escorting

It is easy to lose yourself in a profession that can blur your personal boundaries. You should treat escorting as a profession very strictly and spend your earnings wisely. Your personal life should not collapse in the process of your career. As much as possible, dedicate some time to your personal life besides the escorting world. Finding a balance that does not overwhelm you is very important for your mental health.